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What can glow in the dark heat transfer stickers do for diyers?

Glow in the dark heat transfer stickers are made of PET. And how to use the glow in the dark heat transfer materials?

1. Place the transfer on the correct position

2. Place a release paper on top of it to cover the fabric from heat

3. Apply heat for 18-20 seconds using medium pressure

4. Let the motif cool down before peeling off the transfer film

Recommended wash care:

– Machine Wash, Cold (initial water temperature should not exceed 30C or 65 to 85F)

– Tumble Dry, Normal, Low Heat (A machine dryer may be regularly used at a maximum of Low Heat setting)

– Do not Iron

– Do not Bleach

– Do not Dryclean

glow in the dark sticker

When you need only a glow in the dark sticker of your own personalized ideas, just order from iron on stickers retailers online, they will make your idea into iron on stickers, all you need is home iron to transfer the customized images on garments.

The butterfly t shirt designs awaken a simple concise t shirts.

A simple and concise t-shirt will be awakened by little unique t shirt designs. A little butterfly decoration on shoudlers makes cute. various delicate bowknot, naughty oblique located on shoulder, lifelike, full of youthful vitality, romantic and sweet. And you can do it anytime.

If you have any ideas about t shirt design, there is a easy and cheap way to make such designs. Now more and more heat transfer materials are coming up, all you need is to asking a manufacuter to make t shirt iron on transfers with your designs on, After receiving the t shirt iron on design, you just need to iron on t shirts. All is done, completely new.

The butterfly t shirt designs awaken a simple concise t shirts.. The butterfly t shirt designs awaken a simple concise t shirts. The butterfly t shirt designs awaken a simple concise t shirts

Some Adidas World Cup controversial T-shirts are suggesting sex tourism

Some Adidas World Cup controversial T-shirts

The Brazilian government launched fierce criticism to adidas Brazilian World Cup T-shirt, they believe that adidas is conveying sexual information. And Adidas immediately announced to withdraw these goods from the market.

As one of World Cup sponsors, adidas’s two new design of T-shirts are controversial: one is green, there is "I love Brazil" on, but as “love”, heart shape is more like ass in bikini, easy to remind people of woman’s hips. Another is yellow, having a picture of a girl wearing bikinis, and is equipped with the words  “Lookin’ to score”, easy to be understood as another meaning " seek stimulation ".

Brazil’s national tourism administration issued a notice on the 25th, accusing the image of goods "senselessly" associated Brazil with sex, which runs counter to advocating the concept of natural and cultural tourism. As a result, they insisted that adidas should take back these products. Brazil’s national tourism administration bureau chief Flovio Dino put more fierce criticism, he said, implying that if this is the "sex tourism", it is "unacceptable" crime. "We want ke our major business partners know, Brazil will not tolerate this kind of crime in his own country."

Adidas company withdraw controversial products from the market . They explained in a statement, these T-shirts are only limited sold in the United States, absolutely no intention to offend in Brazil. The company has always accepted the opinions of the consumers and business partners and will not continue to sell controversial products.

If You want to home make a new world cup t shirts, will help you out as long as you send them the world cup theme design. You will receive a world cup t shirt iron on transfer, all you need to do is to iron them on.

FIFA World Cup iron on transfers sell much better than what manufacturers can imagine.

Iron on transfers, also called iron on stickers, are stickers that allow transfer images to fabric with heat, either with home iron or heat press machine. Now there’re tons of options of iron on effects, such as glow in the dark, flock, metallic, 3 d and so on.
When FIFA World Cup started, fans cheer for their own countries, make personalized dress, stick decals on face, hands,  hats and so on. FIFA World Cup iron on transfers has reached their amount limit of 4 years ago, no matter wear in clubs, on spectatory, or on streets. In a word, FIFA World Cup theme iron on transfers overshadowed other iron on stickers.

Heat transfers make your life more colorful


Win one heat transfer ,you can custom your t shirts and to make them much beautiful. Different themes and different effects iron ons can create different fashion.Some cartoon and movie iron ons are suitable for children, while some sports logos are best for sports fans.So different people may prefer to different types of iron ons .

You can have a look at below different iron ons,and see which style do you like ?


Angry Birds13                    Mickey Mouse 3 

Customized Swimming and Diving Logo 02-c Mother's Day10

Lovely ants logos, You’re worth it !


Some animals images heat transfers are so cute, you could not believe your eyes when you see below cute ants images which can be heat transfer to t shirts,right ? But that is it, and at the same time ,we adore those great designers who show us these amazing works. 

Little ants images can also create fashion for you ! hope you will love them,also looking forward to seeing your creative designs !

1      2

4 3

Creative T shirts designs


Sometime,we may come across some amazing works of T shirts designs,and to sharing them is really a quite happy thing! Sharing is learning, maybe you can also learn something useful from these designs and  create your own unique designs,or to have your own personalize T shirts.

Hope you would like them!


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11            1

What a bad ass! they did it! personalized seattle seahawks jerseys, can you believe that?

What a bad ass! they did it! personalized seattle seahawks jerseys, can you believe that?


Seattle Seahawks Transformers jersey 13Seattle Seahawks Transformers jersey 14Seattle Seahawks Transformers jersey 12

Transformers logos on personalized seattle seahawks jerseys’ front and back. and also the color of transformers is seattle seahawks’ official letter and number’s color, so is the transformers’ logo on shoulders.

transformers logo on Jersey front

Seattle Seahawks Transformers jersey



transformers logo on Jersey back

Seattle Seahawks Transformers jersey 3


transformers logo on shoulder (down)

Seattle Seahawks Transformers jersey 6Seattle Seahawks Transformers jersey 2    Seattle Seahawks Transformers jersey 5

seattle seahawks jerseys Size label

Seattle Seahawks Transformers jersey 8


Seattle Seahawks Customized Game Team Color Jersey PI, more

Seattle Seahawks jerseys PI

Seattle Seahawks Customized Game Team Color Jersey 2×4, more

Seattle Seahawks Customized Game Team Color Jersey 2x4 Melvin Brewi

Q: What can makes your dress different?

A: Of course, lots of people think of dress matching, they alway grab something different and exquisit to make such things happen. Of course, that is a  great idea. But there’s one more way: decoration, not two things come together, but one thing belongs to the other one.

May you not understand, Iron-on stickers or t shirt transfers can help you understand that. Personalized iron-on stickers get personalized ideas involved, and are heat applied dress and become one part of the dress., sometimes make one dress come alive