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Heat transfers make your life more colorful


Win one heat transfer ,you can custom your t shirts and to make them much beautiful. Different themes and different effects iron ons can create different fashion.Some cartoon and movie iron ons are suitable for children, while some sports logos are best for sports fans.So different people may prefer to different types of iron ons .

You can have a look at below different iron ons,and see which style do you like ?


Angry Birds13                    Mickey Mouse 3 

Customized Swimming and Diving Logo 02-c Mother's Day10

Lovely ants logos, You’re worth it !


Some animals images heat transfers are so cute, you could not believe your eyes when you see below cute ants images which can be heat transfer to t shirts,right ? But that is it, and at the same time ,we adore those great designers who show us these amazing works. 

Little ants images can also create fashion for you ! hope you will love them,also looking forward to seeing your creative designs !

1      2

4 3

Creative T shirts designs


Sometime,we may come across some amazing works of T shirts designs,and to sharing them is really a quite happy thing! Sharing is learning, maybe you can also learn something useful from these designs and  create your own unique designs,or to have your own personalize T shirts.

Hope you would like them!


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11            1

Doodle Iron Ons

Ever heard of the doodle wall in Shenzheng ,China? Ans it is said that these doodles are great ,and even regarded as an art.In a short time, doodle as an art already extended its field,and nowadays we can see so many doodle works ,such as on bags or soem garments,T shirts.Sometimes,we may find that doodle T shirtsare so cool,they can reflect the designers’ inner feelings. 

As you can see below doodle iron ons ,it shows out a feeling of casual mood. 

Doodle t shirt transfer 10  

 Doodle t shirt transfer 1

Doodle t shirt transfer 31

Doodle t shirt transfer 40

Skeletons Also Have Feelings, They Have Endless Love


We say that T shirts are crazy,since they usually let us think in an unique way and also bring some joy to us. After seeing below lovely &full of love T shirts designs, you can totally be convinced by these great designers.They put their enthusiasm in designing these works.

See below Dog T shirts:

081405p6p06wrcc0p4jldc   081405p0zfawpg1aava3px

Its creativeness lies in:A dog ? Or a crocodile? Come and guess what it is ! You can regard it as two different creatures,and really it is like this two animals when you view in different way.

Then,the second one–”My little sun” T shirt:

081410ruzeuvl9gccreyu1   081411ikns77kqxk29ygkf

My little sun,you are so lovely and just like a rising sun, which brings me a lot of joy and hope.

How about below unique”ENDLESS LOVE ‘ T shirt?

081408cglddvvxhsxdx5l5  081407x7wxgxqg77eqeq0r

Love at the first sight? No,you are my whole life,and even when turned into a skeleton I still love you ! I would not like to apart from you,so we should put the bandage to be together, because it is not easy to gain true love ! 

Which design do you prefer ? And maybe you can create your own great works.

Wet Hair Girls T shirts, So Sexy !


Well, if we put some sexy ladies images on T shirts, we may win some admired eyes.But how about a big breasted girl appear on your t shirts,in addition,a girl with wet hair ? Can your boys put up with such kind of temptation ?Wow,after a shower? If you boys put on such kind of t shirts, your male friends are going to stare at you,of course,they are looking at the girls on your garments !

Wet Hair Girls T shirts ,wow, I , as a female ,envy your wonderful figure !

sexy ones


See her sexy and charming gestures !

sexy girl good

Big World In Tiny T shirts


Some designers are really quite creative,they make t shirts be a part of real life, besides,they sometimes even express a sort of people’s inner thinking very vividly. T shirts are small,and they can show out some people’s aspirations in a silent way.

View some creative T shirts‘designs:

What can you guess from the below design ? The word”ARMY” have an air of a smoke taste of the cruel war. The Letter”Y”lying on the ground ,just like a died tree lying on a place which is full of gunpower smell ! This is the voices of the people that fight against and hate wars.


Look at another works,maybe this t shirt will be the smoking guys’ favorite T shirt. Those flying words vivid show the shape of the smoke,isn’t it ?


Well, this one is so interesting! Wow,cups can also be so crazy ? “She is hot !” haha, you gonna to run after her and want she to be your girlfriend ?


Heat Transfer Some Lovely Coffee Theme Images , Enjoy Relaxation !


What do you think of when you hear the word”coffee” ? In my opinion, Coffee gives me a kind of relaxation, and to have a coffee means to relax oneself. We should not forgot the function of having a cup of coffee – -To enliven ourselves and let us build up new energy to keep on working. Thus, if you have some classic coffee cups which occurred in many American dramas such as Friends, Band of Brothers,The Big Bang Theoryand so on, use them to decorate with your shirts, you can never imagine the wonderful feeling they can bring to you !

See some illustrations of the lovely coffee theme images on shirts , you may also like them .

   coffee cup coffee3


Letter “&” tee shirt, what can you come up with for personalized tee shirt

Although I predicted in Amik Shopm:  Ampersand tee shirt was a start. But today the resources are beyond my imagination when writing this article on the blog. For this tee shirt, this moment I have to think of myself as the harvest farmer. Now here we go:

1. Ampersandwich tee shirts. Can you eat the delicious “&”.cake

Ampersandwich tee shirts Ampersandwich tee shirts 2

2. From houseind another brand that appreciate letter “&” .

3D & houseind & tee shirts

3. & as snake tee shirts. There may be some DIY classmates looking at hair and was freaked out.

& as snake tee shirts

4. Garamond Italic letter “&” More elegant. Notice the background dots are all &.

Garamond Italic letter & tee shirts

5. Super ampersand tee shirts transfers: More than 100 different font &s

Super ampersand tee shirts transfers

6. Snakesandsuits’ color is great.

Snakesandsuits tee shirts Snakesandsuits tee shirts 2

7. Guns and bombs, bold and domineering. As today’s finale.

Guns and bombs tee shirts Guns and bombs tee shirts 2