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DIY a fluorescent T-shirt


How to DIY a fluorescent T-shirt ? Today we would like to share a easy way to DIY a fluorescent T-shirt for diyers.

Firstly,we should prepare materials: 

Four DIY crayons (one blue,one black and two fluorescent ones )

A T-shirt 

A transfer printing paper 

And then we start,first, to picture the pattern of stars by using the transfer printing paper and DIY fluorescent crayons.

Step 1

After drawing the pattern of stars, you should complete the part of the night sky by using the black and blue crayons.

step 2 

Third,prepare iron machine and the T shirt, cover the completed stars pattern on the T-shirt,and then heat transfer the image onto your T shirt. 

step 3

Ok,then a wonderful fluorescent T-shirt is done,and it is so easy, isn’t it ?

a completed Tee

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