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The butterfly t shirt designs awaken a simple concise t shirts.

A simple and concise t-shirt will be awakened by little unique t shirt designs. A little butterfly decoration on shoudlers makes cute. various delicate bowknot, naughty oblique located on shoulder, lifelike, full of youthful vitality, romantic and sweet. And you can do it anytime.

If you have any ideas about t shirt design, there is a easy and cheap way to make such designs. Now more and more heat transfer materials are coming up, all you need is to asking a manufacuter to make t shirt iron on transfers with your designs on, After receiving the t shirt iron on design, you just need to iron on t shirts. All is done, completely new.

The butterfly t shirt designs awaken a simple concise t shirts.. The butterfly t shirt designs awaken a simple concise t shirts. The butterfly t shirt designs awaken a simple concise t shirts

How to dress with t shirts for girls in summer

Today, t-shirts are becoming “all-match”, with other various pants or skirts, t shirts come different life. This summer you might as well try to create the simplest personalized T-shirt and changeable fashion image.

T-shirt with pleated skirts. Dress like students with a t shirt and pleated skirts is the hottest style. Thanks to the trend, pleated skirts Come back to life, and become a top fashion this season. Summer pleated skirts are more of knee-length skirts, going with tee shirts very well, elegant, solemn and full of young feeling. whether to work or go out shopping, T-shirt with pleated skirt is a great choice.

T-shirt with hot pants. Even if in gleaming discos, hot pants will be very attractive. Today some hot pant only reach just below the hip line, almost  replace the miniskirt. If you want to let your legs freely in this summer and enjoy summer cool wind,you might as well try clothes with combination of T-shirts and hot pants. Of course, a T-shirt would better be tight and fashion instead of too of student type.

T-shirt with leg pants. Wearing  a pant that reach knee with a slipper presents personality, at the same time, quietly show a fast, idle and light image, which is the best and coolest summer dress.

T-shirt with slit skirt. slit skirts are the focus of this summer. they’re light, smooth and will not show too much, elegant but lively, showing youth charm and fashion, With T-shirts, you got both leisure and maiden style.

T-shirt with slacks. Perhaps to rebel popularity tight fashion, casual slacks are popular designers again now. Soft fabrics, compact model, spread legs make people want to walk around in them. All kinds of t-shirts, either loose or tight is the best partner of slacks. Especially with popular hooded shirts, t shirts will be sporty immediately.

If you want to be top t shirt designer this year, custom iron on transfers would be necessary.


Polo shirts are becoming more and more popular


Nowadays,especially in summer,custom polo shirts have already become a trend.Many companies that are specialized in customizing polo shirts will havea bright future.

Polo shirt as a good costume has already occupied an important field in numerous style clothing. All this is closely connected with the mystique of Polo shirts have given: it can convey a kind of spirit, or express ideas, so it is very practical and useful.

At the same time, Polo shirts also follow the fashion trends closely,which is much easier for it to become popular among customers. What is more important, as a symbol of the spirit of enterprise, its propaganda effect, no doubt, is highly recommended by many companies.