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What is Heat Transfer Film (heat transfer vinyl)?

High Quality Heat Transfer Film, Individuality Printing Material, Heat Transfer Vinyl is the most popular printing material nowadays. It can be used to print any design patterns by a heat transfer machine, such as the name, number, logo, and any design of clothing.

High Quality Heat Transfer Film, Individuality Printing Material, Heat Transfer Vinyl descriptions:

Color Available:

white, black, dark blue, yellow, dark green, red,glod, orange, light blue, light green, dark grey, grey, light grey, pink, silver)

High Quality Heat Transfer Film, Individuality Printing Material, Heat Transfer Vinyl

heat transfer vinyl film 2

1. Rich color, feel good and soft, elastic, washable

2. No cracking, no color fading, no peculiar smell, fashion and green

3. Suitable for making DIY product or individuality design.

High Quality Heat Transfer Film, Individuality Printing Material, Heat Transfer Vinyl Instruction:

1. Put the heat transfer film/vinyl on carving machine, and adjust the pressure and velocity;

2. Select the image that you want to print in computer, and select mirror image ,then click on button of engraving;

3. Cut the carved patterns from the film, and tear off the parts that you don’t need, a picture is ready for using;

4. Put the carved patterns on the clothes. Print the image by a heat transfer machine with temperature of 150℃ degree for 10 seconds, and peel off the transparent protective film at once, then  the image has been transferred to the  garment.

These instructions might vary depending on the transfer machine being used for the application. Variances in time, pressure, and/or temperature might be necessary. Proper testing is strongly recommended.

heat transfer vinyl film 3

If you want to finished heat transfer film or heat transfer vinyl images item that you can directly iron on t shirts or fabric, visit, you will find out to make personalized t shirts, it is so easy and stunning.

Why choose to buy heat transfer paper ?


There must be some important reasons for the popularity of one thing,so is the same with some manufacturers. Why some manufacturers like have so many orders ?An why they are so popular with customers ? Of course there are some important reasons. 

The first reasons may lie in that there are various types of heat transfer paper.Heat transfer paper like laser transfer paper,inkjet transfer paperand eco solvent transfer paper are available. So that customers could freely choose their desired heat transfer paper and do not worry that there may be no their wanted ones.

The other reason is that the reasonable price.No one would refuse something that is good -quality with quite reasonable price.To saving costs as well as get some good products could really cheer you.  

The last should owe to wholesale type. Especially for some companies,they want to order many,so wholesale will save them a lot .This type of selling also benefits those guys who want to place a large amount of orders.


Skeletons Also Have Feelings, They Have Endless Love


We say that T shirts are crazy,since they usually let us think in an unique way and also bring some joy to us. After seeing below lovely &full of love T shirts designs, you can totally be convinced by these great designers.They put their enthusiasm in designing these works.

See below Dog T shirts:

081405p6p06wrcc0p4jldc   081405p0zfawpg1aava3px

Its creativeness lies in:A dog ? Or a crocodile? Come and guess what it is ! You can regard it as two different creatures,and really it is like this two animals when you view in different way.

Then,the second one–”My little sun” T shirt:

081410ruzeuvl9gccreyu1   081411ikns77kqxk29ygkf

My little sun,you are so lovely and just like a rising sun, which brings me a lot of joy and hope.

How about below unique”ENDLESS LOVE ‘ T shirt?

081408cglddvvxhsxdx5l5  081407x7wxgxqg77eqeq0r

Love at the first sight? No,you are my whole life,and even when turned into a skeleton I still love you ! I would not like to apart from you,so we should put the bandage to be together, because it is not easy to gain true love ! 

Which design do you prefer ? And maybe you can create your own great works.

What is heat transfer film transfer?

1. Heat transfer film, made of PVC, is a perfect material for personalized letting and one color logos & design heat transfer, gorgeous, clear, vibrant color, pure and numerous in variety.

2. They are environmentally friendly and has no harm and any discomfort to skin,

3. It is perfect for high class clothes which screen printing can’t do.

4. They feel good and soft and color is able to firmly attach to fabric. No crack, elastic, resistant to UV and sunlight, it won’t come off and fade when machine washes and hands wash,

5. it would be simple as long as there is computer, carving machine, heat press machine; image cutting is easy, don’t need to do plate making, save the time, cost for plate-making, manpower and material resources;

6. You can heat transfer by multi layers, make clothing design more rich, more of personality.

7. You can use a heat press machine or a home iron to finish one work yourself after you get the images cut, which make it possible to make one personalized fashion t shirts and apparel alone.

8. You can make full use of it as long as you arrange the transfer design well in case of wasting.

9. You can cut the images according to computer design. With caving machine, portraits, unique character, jersey lettering and couple outfit could be done by yourself.

10. With different heat transfer film material, you can make washable one color logos, multicolor designs, three-dimensional number and reflexible designs

Glow in the dark heat transfer 1

Glow in the dark film  t shirts heat transfer

Heat transfer printing advantage 2

4, very suitable for printing full color images

– The traditional printing method, such as screen printing, can’t transfer images when it comes to colors of transition and there is distinct colors line between the two kinds of color. It is difficult to reflect colors of transition according to the picture itself. But a lot of products need to be printed full color trademarks, identifiers which has high accuracy, high complexity. And gifts, handicrafts industry need them more widely. Heat transfer printing can perfectly meet the requirements, show people the wide potential market. Breaking through bottlenecks of the silk screen printing, with heat transfer printing, people found the new profit growth point for the customer.

Glow in the dark logo

5, suitable for uncommon industry’ professional application

– heat transfer printing can change the content and effect of the printing without plate making, The process is simple and of low cost.

6, suitable for various materials

– In terms of printing industry at present, there are more professional categories in the industry, such as the traditional leather industry printing: silk screen printing color is a single, simple color; Large leather printing machine is expensive, high requirements for material; as for crystal printing, traditional way of printing is crystal lamination process; while organic glass industry needs the screen printing and metal industry needs heat transfers.

With heat transfer printing, you always can find the right heat transfer material to various materials.

Heat transfer printing advantages 1

Heat transfer printing get so intense market feedback, it seems everything is as expected, because it has the following advantages:

1,A extremely simple operation

– It does not need plate making, printing down, repeat steps of tinted and various types of tools and materials that silk screen printing need. By universal printer, you only need to prepare another ordinary computer. You can do completely independent, save manpower and material resources, and the method is simple, the experience requirement of operating is low. Just a simple image processing software will be OK.

2, It will not result in products damage

– it can not only printed in hard products, such as crystal, stone, metal, glass and other materials, and can be printed on soft materials, such as leather, cloth, cotton or other materials; It can print on the inorganic substances and organisms which is made of complex and diverse composition. Better compatibility avoids organic materials (leather, cloth, cotton, etc.) are kept away from damage. It can better cater to the needs of market diversification, to provide users with more comprehensive production services.

3, printing position accurately

– It avoids the manual printing location deviation – universal printer is no longer the traditional printing mode and method, is no longer a simple manual operation and printing craft like the past. With high technical computer-generation and better combination with automatic control technology, it can be very precise to the printing area to avoid the manual position offset problems. Since it is of one-time multicolour printing, it also doesn’t have tinted registration problem. These advantages also can be very effective with engraving to print a beautiful picture, or printing accurately after etching etc, also can obtain good breakthrough in carving industry.

Amikshop ColorPrint Glitter

Features of Heat transfer printing

Heat transfer technology also can use different kinds of transfer printing material to meet different printing effect. The main two are film transfer printing and sublimation transfer printing.

Heat transfer film transfer printing

Heat transfer film’s transfer paper contains pectin and images are printed on the surface of the goods by high temperature and high pressure. The transfer of colloid is very thin, and breathable, no glue, no crack, resistant to washing of. The film transfer printing technology is applied on 100% cotton clothes.

Sublimation transfer printing

Sublimation transfer printing is a new generation of technology with the use of special sublimation ink and sublimation transfer paper. Logo printed on the goods will not produce glue, if transfer to clothing, sublimation ink is directly into the clothes fiber, strongly sublimated just like cloth dyeing, and the color is sharp, more suitable for colorful patterns. Heat sublimation transfer printing technology is applied to such as sweatshirts with Physical comfortable shirts.

Heat press_副本

Heat application

It is not all goods you can heat transfer to print design on, involving factors such as heat resistance, smoothness of the goods. Due to technical progress, now thermal transfer technology is more and more mature and developed products include: clothing, cloth bags, hats, pillows, mug, porcelain tile, watches, mouse pads, coasters, hanging calendar, MEDALS, pennants, etc hundreds of goods.

Textile transfer printing

The common textile transfer printing technology is film transfer printing and sublimation transfer printing. Sublimation transfer printing: (1) the technology is mainly applied only to the surface of polyester fiber such as rapid discharge singlet and Physical comfortable shirts. White dress would be the best (the position of the printed pattern is white, but the rest of the clothes can be other colors, such as the color sleeve). After using digital sublimation Colored clothes, ink and colored fiber fusion can make the design of the color different from the original, which is not recommended. (2) Film transfer printing: at present, the technology is mainly used for extremely high content of cotton clothes. Film transfer printing is available for various colors are, but dark clothes need dark clothing special transfer paper, namely, dark heat transfer paper of higher prices. Colloid is heavier, and the quality is not stable.

Ceramics’ transfer

By heat sublimation transfer printing under the high temperature of about 200 degrees, the ink is sublimated on the ceramic commodity with sharp color, high durably attached. But generally it can transfer directly to mark cup. After going through a coating, images are able to be transferred.

heat transfer mark cup

What is heat transfer printing

Heat transfer printing is a new printing process. The process printing methods are divided into two parts: transfer printing film processing and heat transfer printing processing.

Transfer printing film with dot printing resolution (300 dpi), prints designs on film surface. With rich levels, vibrant colors, little chromatism, good reproducibility, it can meet the requirements of design patterns and demand of mass production; and heat transfer printing processing through the thermal transfer machine (heat press or home iron) in one time will heat transfer beautiful patterns on film on the product surface, the ink layer and product surface become one after processing, lifelike beautifully, and greatly enhance the grade of the product.

Heat transfer technology is applied to surface of all kinds of ABS, PP, plastic, wood, metal products and so on. According to the requirements of customers need, suppliers design and produce thermal transfer film, transfer the images to surface by heat pressing, improve the grade of products.

Thermal transfer technology is widely used in plastics, cosmetics, toys, electrical appliances, building materials, gift, food packaging, stationery and other industries. Heat transfer process equipment including: baking cup machine, baking cap machine, baking machine, direct pressing pyrograph machine, shaking pyrograph machine, etc. Materials needed are professional heat transfer paper, heat transfer vinyl, heat transfer ink, color printer, computer, digital camera.

Heat press