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If you are designing new logos, these 25 creative logos might give you a hint

You can iron transfer your own logo on t shirts with diy iron on transfers.

1. Midnight production by Stanislav: You can see a moon is shinning on 2 trees with only one letter “M”.

Midnight production by Stanislav 

Saber Rider by Jonas:You can see the triangle with sharp angles, shaped like a saber

Saber Rider by Jonas

Death From Above by David M. Smith:skull head wearing flying helmet, showing “the first in flight”

Death From Above by David M. Smith

LA by Simon Walker, you can see the liquid with L and stiffness with A

LA by Simon Walker

Trickling Tradition Logo by Emir Ayouni:

Trickling Tradition Logo by Emir Ayouni

True North Contracting by Mike Bruner, you can see a screw, a hammer, show the True North is one heavy industry logo.

  True North Contracting by Mike Bruner

Nowea Trading by Sebastian Bednarek, with a letter “N” which is inlay each other, that shows “trading” trusts each other.

Nowea Trading by Sebastian Bednarek

Mid-Century Canada (Saskatchewan) by Michael George Haddad

Mid-Century Canada (Saskatchewan) by Michael George Haddad

Suitu by Stevan Rodic

Suitu by Stevan Rodic

Jenki Mfg Co

Jenki Mfg Co

Idol opportunity of t shirt

The white t shirt meeting

When this humble no collarless short sleeved sweater, one day and stars Marlon Brando together on the screen debut, excited fans Dungan surprised, December 3, 1974 “A Streetcar Named Desire” in New York premiere. Appealing to the mind is not only the Marlon Brando the slightly rough masculinity and laugh bad bad eyes, and the plain white T shirt, the director Ilie Kaczyn once mystery and unpredictable and not without proudly said, Brando’s T-shirt image is not a pre refined design of the heart and is completely in an accident. Just because Brando accidentally wore it to rehearsal..u=3201952492,3109644420&fm=21&gp=0
As 1951 “A Streetcar Named Desire released nationally in, Brando’s white T-shirt image becomes the whole nation of the same name, considerate soft T-shirt the liberated male beauty from dull, monotonous, and rules of traditional upper grade dress, masculine physique show in also surprised also blind vision, a time become the copy of the nation and even the whole world


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The anti-war symbol, is one of the symbols of the world’s widely used.This flag is in accordance with Bertrand Russell’s requirements,the leaders of “campaign for nuclear disarmament (CND)”  , designed by Gerald Holtom the participants of the movement,as the badge of the committee,to protest against “act of atomic weapons development research center”set up at marston village in the UK in 1958




What is Heat Transfer Film (heat transfer vinyl)?

High Quality Heat Transfer Film, Individuality Printing Material, Heat Transfer Vinyl is the most popular printing material nowadays. It can be used to print any design patterns by a heat transfer machine, such as the name, number, logo, and any design of clothing.

High Quality Heat Transfer Film, Individuality Printing Material, Heat Transfer Vinyl descriptions:

Color Available:

white, black, dark blue, yellow, dark green, red,glod, orange, light blue, light green, dark grey, grey, light grey, pink, silver)

High Quality Heat Transfer Film, Individuality Printing Material, Heat Transfer Vinyl

heat transfer vinyl film 2

1. Rich color, feel good and soft, elastic, washable

2. No cracking, no color fading, no peculiar smell, fashion and green

3. Suitable for making DIY product or individuality design.

High Quality Heat Transfer Film, Individuality Printing Material, Heat Transfer Vinyl Instruction:

1. Put the heat transfer film/vinyl on carving machine, and adjust the pressure and velocity;

2. Select the image that you want to print in computer, and select mirror image ,then click on button of engraving;

3. Cut the carved patterns from the film, and tear off the parts that you don’t need, a picture is ready for using;

4. Put the carved patterns on the clothes. Print the image by a heat transfer machine with temperature of 150℃ degree for 10 seconds, and peel off the transparent protective film at once, then  the image has been transferred to the  garment.

These instructions might vary depending on the transfer machine being used for the application. Variances in time, pressure, and/or temperature might be necessary. Proper testing is strongly recommended.

heat transfer vinyl film 3

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The butterfly t shirt designs awaken a simple concise t shirts.

A simple and concise t-shirt will be awakened by little unique t shirt designs. A little butterfly decoration on shoudlers makes cute. various delicate bowknot, naughty oblique located on shoulder, lifelike, full of youthful vitality, romantic and sweet. And you can do it anytime.

If you have any ideas about t shirt design, there is a easy and cheap way to make such designs. Now more and more heat transfer materials are coming up, all you need is to asking a manufacuter to make t shirt iron on transfers with your designs on, After receiving the t shirt iron on design, you just need to iron on t shirts. All is done, completely new.

The butterfly t shirt designs awaken a simple concise t shirts.. The butterfly t shirt designs awaken a simple concise t shirts. The butterfly t shirt designs awaken a simple concise t shirts

Why do you not have to sew patches on clothes?

There’s a easier way to get patches on clothes than sewing patches for a few minutes, that’s what we call iron on patches. They’ve got an adhesive on back, when the adhesive comes across to heat, it will be melt away and solidify when heat goes away.

Here is how you are going to do about the iron on patches?

First of all, set the iron to its highest temperature.

Prepare your iron on patches and the jeans (clothes, shoes or any other material) which will be ironed on.

Clean the part that will be ironed on. Put the embroidered patch or iron on patch on the desired  position. Face the adhesive side to on the part, Cover the patch with a pressing cloth (such as a cotton fabric, handkerchief, sheet or pillowcase fabric) over top.

Adjust the temperature of the iron to the suitable degree. Iron the embroidered patch on force backward and forward for about 45 seconds (depends on the size of your patches)

Cool down the embroidery patch, check if that is fixed properly. if not, heat press again as above same ways.

That’s easy, right? Much easier than sewing. So what’re you waiting for? come and customize new iron on patches, you will understand how personalized and special you are going to be.

Some Adidas World Cup controversial T-shirts are suggesting sex tourism

Some Adidas World Cup controversial T-shirts

The Brazilian government launched fierce criticism to adidas Brazilian World Cup T-shirt, they believe that adidas is conveying sexual information. And Adidas immediately announced to withdraw these goods from the market.

As one of World Cup sponsors, adidas’s two new design of T-shirts are controversial: one is green, there is "I love Brazil" on, but as “love”, heart shape is more like ass in bikini, easy to remind people of woman’s hips. Another is yellow, having a picture of a girl wearing bikinis, and is equipped with the words  “Lookin’ to score”, easy to be understood as another meaning " seek stimulation ".

Brazil’s national tourism administration issued a notice on the 25th, accusing the image of goods "senselessly" associated Brazil with sex, which runs counter to advocating the concept of natural and cultural tourism. As a result, they insisted that adidas should take back these products. Brazil’s national tourism administration bureau chief Flovio Dino put more fierce criticism, he said, implying that if this is the "sex tourism", it is "unacceptable" crime. "We want ke our major business partners know, Brazil will not tolerate this kind of crime in his own country."

Adidas company withdraw controversial products from the market . They explained in a statement, these T-shirts are only limited sold in the United States, absolutely no intention to offend in Brazil. The company has always accepted the opinions of the consumers and business partners and will not continue to sell controversial products.

If You want to home make a new world cup t shirts, will help you out as long as you send them the world cup theme design. You will receive a world cup t shirt iron on transfer, all you need to do is to iron them on.

How to match pure white t shirts ?


The collocation of white T-shirt is very popular among many stars,and they match those  white t shirts in different ways to show out their personality. some wear out a sense of sexy,some wear out the nifty,and the other wear out personality,etc.So do you want to dress like them ?

So how them match the pure white t shirts ?

Minka Kelly ,with a sapphire blue dress collocation of a white T-shirt, under the strong color contrast makes the collocation of whole body lively, the design of the large inclined shoulder makes her appear super sexy.


Then turn to Miley Cyrus. Dew shoulder T-shirt is very popular for many seasons but it now still remain popular .When tie-in a blue hole cowboy, this dew shoulder T-shirt creates   a fully causal Europe and the United States style !


In fact,whether it is a loose or cultivate one’s morality design style, also whether match pants, shorts, short skirt,etc, white T-shirt can easily create some kind of fashion.Just have a look at some collocations of some fashion guys.

      white t shirt   white tee

white tee 2 white


How to choose t shirts printing designs ?


After sorting out so many information,and sine nowadays so many people like to choose some shirts with some printing on.Today we will discuss the details that you should pay attention to when choose t shirts printing designs.

Try to avoid large piece of color lump, especially on the chest, big piece of color lump will cause airtight when sweating,no matter it is printed with mucilage or ink.

There are three parts to do printing:front,back and cuff,so you should try to avoid your design has been from armhole to shoulder;the reason is that small batch printing mostly are garment printing, there are flat-fell seams which will influence the printing effect as well as increase the cost.


Matters that we should pay attention to when cleaning the cotton T-shirt

Today we’ll discuss Matters that we should pay attention to when cleaning the cotton T-shirt. In order to explain more clearly and understand,, Petter, a fashion designer to view a lot of information, sorting out this article for you.

T-shirt is currently very popular especially in the summer, we can see a lot of people wearing a T-shirt in street, especially cotton T-shirt, but when cleaning T-shirt, there is something you should pay special attention to.

First of all, when cleaning T-shirt, because of the cotton fiber, do not forcibly knead when washing clothes so as not to cause deformation. After wash,  soak in cold water. If use the washing machine, dehydration shoulds not be too long.

Second, on the selection of detergent, attention: do not use strong alkaline detergent on cotton t shirts. Generally special-purpose detergent are marked on the label. it is best to use the dedicated detergent when washing. Get t shirts inside out, soak for a while, and then wash it by hands to avoid the damage of clothing. In addition to the white fabric, clothing of other colors had better not use detergent containing bleaching ingredients, avoid to cause discoloration phenomenon.

Finally, when washing clothes, you must separate dark fabric with light one, avoid color mixed to each other.