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 In spring and summer, street garish T-shirt clouds drifting away, who want to draw, T-shirts originally dry menial labor workers wear underwear. Generally speaking, men’s T-shirt with point like nowadays women’s bra is not easily exposed, just when it and sleeveless Jumpsuit overalls wearing showing some of its true colors, in the early 20th century, clothing company catalogue T-shirt is only as underwear to push pin. 5525f8a0N7f4dec97

By 1930, although as the image of underwear did not change much, but obviously, people have begun to try to wear T-shirts on the outside of the. This is what people hear “sailor shirt”, sailors wearing a T-shirt to the sea voyage, the ocean blue and clean sky and smear it on the a wisp of romantic color.



how about heat transfer vinyl ?

These ready-to-cut material is designed to be used with a cutting plotter and heat press. Create Professional applications for anything made of cotton, polyester, or cotton/poly blends.  Looks great on Jeans, T-Shirts, Shoes, Bags and more.  

Choose from 3 eye popping colors.  Iron-On (Heat Transfer) Vinyl opens the door to all sorts of creative possibilities.


Heat Press Settings:

· Temperature 325° F – 350° F

· Medium-Firm Pressure

· 10 -15 seconds on Heat Press

Preheat shirt prior to beginning. Press shirt for about 5 seconds to take out any extra moisture and assist with vinyl application.

Step 1. Cut

· Use a plotter, die cut or laser cut. Mirror the image so the lettering is readable

Step 2. Weed

· Remove unwanted areas around the design.

Step 3. Press 

· Cover with teflon sheet and press at 320° for 10-15 seconds with Medium-Firm pressure.

Step 4. Peel

· Peel while still warm

OIWAS and Elephant:Is It a Good Choice?

OIWAS using the external image of the elephant: strong, tough, can bear the weight, these qualities and bags have a natural link; Second, the elephant give us an intrinsic impression: security, tenacity, trustworthy; From the creative performance, elephants and bags can be closely integrated, and leave people vast space of imagination: elephant family with bags; Elephant is a family, there will be a elephant, elephant father, elephant mother, elephant child, work elephant, casual elephant , travel elephant etc.. There are the bag, backpack, student bag, briefcase, travel bags, etc. in the category of bag. So the combination of elephant and the performance of the bags are dramatic.


OIWAS logo, want to heat transfer it on garment? Few people, huh. Now go to, you will understand how much you can do about your t shirts, apparel, table cloth, bed sheet and etc with a simple personalized iron on transfers.

What’s the meaning of logo

The logo is identification, is widely applied, almost every brand has its flag, including the phones we buy, they all have a representative annotation, this logo is the brand logo. Professionally logo is logo or trademark, they play an important role in the company’s recognition and promotion, through the image of the logo the consumer can remember company main body and the brand culture.

Logo is ubiquitous in our daily life, following are the guitar graphics and logo, the most straightforward aims of logo is to make consumers remember the brand.


Do you ever try to heat transfer your own logo on your t shirts or other garment? sure you can do that, customers of go nuts when they try once since they can transfer their own personalized t shirts iron on transfers on any apparel.

How to match pure white t shirts ?


The collocation of white T-shirt is very popular among many stars,and they match those  white t shirts in different ways to show out their personality. some wear out a sense of sexy,some wear out the nifty,and the other wear out personality,etc.So do you want to dress like them ?

So how them match the pure white t shirts ?

Minka Kelly ,with a sapphire blue dress collocation of a white T-shirt, under the strong color contrast makes the collocation of whole body lively, the design of the large inclined shoulder makes her appear super sexy.


Then turn to Miley Cyrus. Dew shoulder T-shirt is very popular for many seasons but it now still remain popular .When tie-in a blue hole cowboy, this dew shoulder T-shirt creates   a fully causal Europe and the United States style !


In fact,whether it is a loose or cultivate one’s morality design style, also whether match pants, shorts, short skirt,etc, white T-shirt can easily create some kind of fashion.Just have a look at some collocations of some fashion guys.

      white t shirt   white tee

white tee 2 white


How to dress with t shirts for girls in summer

Today, t-shirts are becoming “all-match”, with other various pants or skirts, t shirts come different life. This summer you might as well try to create the simplest personalized T-shirt and changeable fashion image.

T-shirt with pleated skirts. Dress like students with a t shirt and pleated skirts is the hottest style. Thanks to the trend, pleated skirts Come back to life, and become a top fashion this season. Summer pleated skirts are more of knee-length skirts, going with tee shirts very well, elegant, solemn and full of young feeling. whether to work or go out shopping, T-shirt with pleated skirt is a great choice.

T-shirt with hot pants. Even if in gleaming discos, hot pants will be very attractive. Today some hot pant only reach just below the hip line, almost  replace the miniskirt. If you want to let your legs freely in this summer and enjoy summer cool wind,you might as well try clothes with combination of T-shirts and hot pants. Of course, a T-shirt would better be tight and fashion instead of too of student type.

T-shirt with leg pants. Wearing  a pant that reach knee with a slipper presents personality, at the same time, quietly show a fast, idle and light image, which is the best and coolest summer dress.

T-shirt with slit skirt. slit skirts are the focus of this summer. they’re light, smooth and will not show too much, elegant but lively, showing youth charm and fashion, With T-shirts, you got both leisure and maiden style.

T-shirt with slacks. Perhaps to rebel popularity tight fashion, casual slacks are popular designers again now. Soft fabrics, compact model, spread legs make people want to walk around in them. All kinds of t-shirts, either loose or tight is the best partner of slacks. Especially with popular hooded shirts, t shirts will be sporty immediately.

If you want to be top t shirt designer this year, custom iron on transfers would be necessary.


How to remove mildew points on T-shirts ?


When you find there are some mildew points on your t shirts someday,do not be worry,since it is easy to remove these mildew points from T-shirts.What you should do is to go to supermarket to buy some net or bleach oxygen first.Then pour some on t-shirts, rub to clean it is ok! But to remind you here, if you go to the supermarket to buy these things, the waiter will definitely recommend you to buy 84 disinfectant,though the effect of 84 is good, it will damage a T-shirt.Generally, if your T-shirt is made of silk or wool, your t shirts will be totally damaged after using 84 disinfectant,so do bear in mind.


Something about the fabric dyeing


Fabric dyeing: fabric dyeing usually adopt two dyeing methods : common dyes and reactive dyes.

Ordinary dye characteristics: bright color, but the color fastness is lower, and it is easy to fade when washing and wearing .So it is hard to make with clothing with color, but the cost was lower than those of reactive dyes.

Reactive dyes features: also bright color, but it has high color fastness, without fading.Based on its no fading feature, it is often used to  make clothes with a more depth of colors, but the cost is very high.


Why are iron-on stickers so popular?

With more and more appeal of personalized things, and innovational material development, such as t shirts and heat transfer materials, people can create something themselves they can’t before. In a word, it is not a standardization era.

For Iron On Stickers, there are 3D stickers, foam stickers, glow-in-the-dark stickers, metallic stickers and so on, they can be heat applied on different materials, such as fabric, metal, and porcelain, etc. So it is great to decorate different dresses and rooms as long as they are allowed to.

One more thing, you can think about one idea, those heat transfer materials can archeive most of them. You can totally get your own ideas on what you are wearing, and no help is needed, one can do himself.

If you’re interested in iron-on stickers, you should have a try, you will like your own ideas.


Rapunzel story

Rapunzel is often a fantastic dynamics just who seems to be within Disney Pictures’ fiftieth lively include movie Tangled, and its particular computer animated quick sequel Tangled Ever previously Immediately after. Inside looks, Rapunzel will be spoke as a result of recording performer as well as actress Mandy Moore. Within the very first picture, a young Rapunzel is certainly verbal by means of baby occasional actress Delaney Rose Stein.

Manufactured by watching over animator Glen Keane, Rapunzel is certainly freely about the heroine of your A language like german fairytale of the identify by Friends Grimm. With the Disney flick model, by which the smoothness has been used right into a much less indirect figure, Rapunzel, any little princess made together with prolonged, miraculous glowing frizzy hair, can be kidnapped as a possible babies and raised by way of a useless person termed Mother Gothel, which exploits the woman hair’s healing ability so that you can continue young-looking. Snapped by simply Gothel in any found structure pertaining to 19 ages, the place she will be held unaware of your ex a fact personality, Rapunzel enlists without the intervention of an important intruder titled Flynn Riders for you to understand the hovering lamps before the girl’s wedding.

Rapunzel may be mainly absolutely gained by just cumbersome ., the vast majority of who recognized her own free-spirited and also 3rd party temperament. Rapunzel was in fact technically awarded with a Disney world Princess line-up with November a pair of, 2012, becoming typically the franchise’s eleventh representative and even initial to remain computer-animated. Your ex visual appeal and even disposition currently have enticed much comparison around the woman and past Disney world Queen Ariel from your Very little Mermaid (1989), simply by which the lady was initially empowered.

Rapunzel and Pascal heat transfer on dress

Rapunzel and Pascal heat transfer on dress