Full Color Twill heat transfer

Full color twill heat transfer or custom iron on emblem is made of iron on embroidered patch with fabric backing thread and some form of a needle as art collection for full color logos and designs. It can be sewn on or iron on your T-shirts because of the back adhesives

Made of material

Iron on twill, appliqué, heat transfer fabric.


(1) Iron on appliqué
(2) Can be stitched on or ironed on any fabrics such as clothes, jeans, pants, or T-shirts
(3) Great collection for sports fans, corporate and other organization

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(1) First of all, set the iron to its highest temperature;
(2) Prepare full color twill or iron on patches and the jeans (clothes, shoes or any other material) which will be ironed on.
(3) Clean the part that will be ironed on.
(4) Put the Full color twill iron ons or iron on patch on the desired position.
(5) Face the side with heat seal backing directly on the pants; place a pressing cloth (such as a cotton fabric, handkerchief, and sheet or pillowcase fabric) over top.
(6) Adjust the temperature of the iron to the suitable degree. Iron the Full color twill iron ons on force backward and forward for about 45 seconds (depends on the size of your patches)
(7) Cool down the iron on twill, check if that is fixed properly. If not, heat press again as above same ways.